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Life Coach

Life Coaching Creates A Life Shift

You may be asking yourself, “Do I really need a Life Coach?” Chances are if you are reading this, there is some dissatisfaction in where you are or how you are in your world that you KNOW can be better. The question is how to get there. We know you have tried, we all do. Further, we know we are limited by what we, those around us and circumstances we are in can bring for that betterment. So, YES, you need a Life Coach to support that shift. That is precisely what a life coach is for.

Life Coaches work with clients to help them identify and achieve goals, overcome blocks, challenges and obstacles to make changes that create the shifts in their lives to net the results they desire.

A life coach can help you evaluate and see potential that can be shadowed when we are too close to the project. Alta Via Coaching provides specific skills evaluations, strategic plans and coaching to create the life YOU envision.

Life Coaching improves focus and direction. A Life Coach helps you create a plan, details the action steps and supports accountability for following through on the action plan. A Life Coach motivates and challenges you to push forward. Life Coaching is not psychotherapy and do not counsel or analyze the past. It is imperative that the client has the intrinsic ability to participate in determining and achieving their goals and moving forward.

Different types of Coaching; Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Family/Relationship Coaching and Team Building can be applied in a specific way for each type of need.